Farofa Santa Rita Cebola - 250g

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The Special Farofa Santa Rita Cebola is made with unique and special ingredients with the intense crispness that only this farofa presents. 

Recipe from Special Farofa Santa Rita Cebola: Cassava flour, onion, soy vegetable oil and salt. Gluten-free. It does not contain lactose. 

Allergic: Contains soy derivative. 

Conservation: Keep in a dry and ventilated place, away from sunlight and chemicals. After partial consumption, keep the container closed. 

Validity after open: 90 days.

A Farofa Especial Santa Rita Cebola feita com ingredientes nicos e especiais com a intensa crocncia que s a essa farofa apresenta.

Receita da Farofa Especial Santa Rita Cebola: Farinha de mandioca, cebola, leo vegetal de soja e sal. No contm glten. No contm lactose.

Alrgicos: Contm derivado de soja.

Conservao: Manter em local seco e arejado, longe da luz solar e produtos qumicos. Aps o consumo parcial, manter a embalagem fechada. 

Validade aps aberto: 90 dias.

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