Our farm

2000 acres located at the municipality of Prata in the state of Minas Gerais, being part of the biome Brazilian Cerrado. Proudly boasts the prestigious Rainforest Alliance Certified Sustainability seal. Additionally, being part of the Neutral Livestock Project, aiming to neutralize the greenhouse gases .

We keep 45% of our land in native forests and a run a project to protect the native fauna. The concern for animal welfare, always raised on pasture plus the preservation of almost half of the land in native forests attests to good socio-environmental and animal welfare practices in beef production.

Our cattle is half-blood angus/zebu raised free on a forest-pasture integration that promotes lower temperatures on the hot Brazilian summer and spring, lot of shade and less wind,

promoting animal welfare plus greenhouse gases mitigation. The animals are feed with pasture plus plant based protein-energetic supplements; free from hormones and antibiotics. All this dedicated special care directly reflects on the taste of the meat.