The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal ensures that the products are originated by properties certified by the Sustainable Agriculture Network. These properties are managed according to strict environmental and social requirements, management and animal welfare, as well as seeking reduction of greenhouse gas emission in livestock production.

In Brazil, the Institute of Agricultural and Forest Management and Certification – [Imaflora link para site], a non-profit organization and a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Network, is responsible for the audits in our farm.

To achieve this seal, the company must meet stringent requirements that take into accountnot only the final product, but the whole production process, such as conditions of the workersinvolved and the relationship with the surrounding communities, enhancements applied to production and environmental improvements.


The neutral livestock project seeks to neutralize the methane emitted by the cattle aiming to make the livestock chain more sustainable through a better balance between the needs of man and the environment.

The guiding principle of the project is that man and cattle can act as elements for the revitalization of ecosystems, a practice that has been called regenerative management of livestock.

In this context the project developed a platform capable of compensate greenhouse gases while increasing productivity per hectare, the profit of the farm and generate more than 20 environmental services for beef and dairy farming. Among the environmental services, we highlight the greater efficiency of the water cycle, the nutrient cycle, the energy balance, the dynamics of the ecological communities and soil carbon fixation.


Besides our own meat, to ensure our clients a good range of products and help in boost other high quality projects around the world we work with other innovative and sustainable brands. In this way we can assure our customers a good variety of products, a healthy life-style at the same time we all help the environment by consuming respectful products.